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Smart PowerPoint Remote (PRO)

1.19 usd

Smart PowerPoint Remote - The ultimate presentation remote!Use your Android device as your PowerPoint and Adobe Reader remote.
* Impress your audience by controlling your presentations directly from you phone/tablet. * Control slideshows and navigate slides in style.* View your PC screen right on your handset.* Never again run out of time during your presentation.* Use mouse pointer feature to highlighting important information for your audience.* No need to worry about forgetting key points, you'll have your notes for each slide right there in your hand. * Select and open PPT and PDF files in your PC directly from your phone using the in-built File Explorer.
* NAVIGATE VIA SLIDES Go to next, previous, first slide, last slide, jump to any slide.
* CONTROL SLIDESHOWS Start/End slideshows, start slideshow from current slide, toggle blank black and blank white slides.
* VIEW SLIDE NOTES View notes in each slide without disturbing the slideshow.
* CONTROL ADOBE READER (Pro Version) Control your PDF presentations. Navigate pages (next, previous, first, last), zoom-in/out, toggle full-screen mode.
* TRACK TIME Set time for the presentation and track the time elapsed while presenting. Start, Pause and Reset timer. Get notified by vibration when running out of time. If time not set or has exceeded, the timer label turns red.
* FILE EXPLORER (Pro Version) Select and open files in the PC from phone using your phone.
* VIEW SCREEN Don't see just the current slide but the whole PC screen in your device. Ensure there is no pop-up, alert, notification, etc. on the PC which is distracting the audience. (Note: You don't get all the slide thumbnails, because people get involved in navigating via all slides and look busy in their own phone wasting audience's time)
* MOUSE PAD (Pro Version) Use mouse to not only highlight important information during presentation, but also control the PC completely from meters away.
HOW TO USE:* Download server app and install it in your PC.* Make sure that your Android device and PC are on the same WiFi network.* Run the server app on PC. Allow it through Windows Firewall.* The IP Address will be displayed. Enter this under Server settings in android app and click on "Verify" to verify the connection.* If unable to connect to PC server then it is most likely blocked by Windows Firewall or any antivirus program.* Select file and click next to automatically open the file in the PC.* Tap and hold the timer label to set time for the presentation.* Start controlling your presentation!
For support, please drop a mail